Community Wellbeing and Resilience Program

Our Community Wellbeing and Resilience Program supports communities to recover from the impacts of natural disaster and build their capacity to face future challenges. The program funds initiatives that:

  • address the impacts of trauma
  • improve social and emotional wellbeing
  • build individual and community resilience
  • strengthen social and cultural connections
  • increase preparedness, response and recovery capabilities.

Program principles

Community-led: Proposals must demonstrate local leadership and respond to locally identified needs. The community will take an active role in enhancing social cohesion and connections.

Trauma-based and informed: Initiatives should demonstrate how they are grounded in evidence and informed by the principles of trauma-informed care. Service based activities should incorporate clinical supervision that is trauma-informed.

Resilience-building: The term community resilience refers to the ability of communities to respond positively in times of crisis. Resilient communities are characterised by a network of interconnected social, cultural and environmental systems that allows them to meet challenges, adapt to change, and transform in a sustainable way over time. All initiatives must aim to build connections that promote long-term individual or community resilience.

Collaborative: Initiatives should build or strengthen partnerships and linkages in the community. Linkages may be between individuals, groups or organisations to foster collaboration and build new and innovative ways of working together.

Sustainable: Initiatives should focus on achieving sustainable outcomes that will continue to benefit communities beyond the program funding cycle.

2021 – 2023 | Bushfire Recovery Projects

The first stage of the Community Wellbeing and Resilience Program was supported by $2 million funding from the Australian Government Department of Health through its Supporting Communities in Bushfire Recovery package 2021 – 2023. Ten community-led resilience projects are being delivered through this program.

2022 – 2024 | Flood Recovery Projects

In 2022, the program received $5 million funding from the NSW Government through its Northern NSW Flood Recovery package. The first round of this funding has been distributed with additional funding rounds planned for 2023/24.

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