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Welcome to Healthy North Coast’s Immunisation information and resource hub for health professionals.

Here, you can find up to date information on the NSW Immunisation Program.

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Immunisation is a key health priority as per the NSW Immunisation
Strategy 2024–2028, and Healthy North Coast collaborates with local stakeholders to work towards improved vaccine coverage in the North Coast region.

Learn about local education and online learning opportunities.

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Local education and training​

Practice support and quality improvement ​

Healthy North Coast Primary Care Impact

Visit Primary Care Impact for support, guidance and resources to undertake quality improvement for immunisation. There are a range of immunisation topics such as cold chain, recalls & reminders and using the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).

NSW Health Immunisation Toolkit for general practices

NSW Health have developed a comprehensive Immunisation Toolkit for General Practices to support implementing the NSW Immunisation program.

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Resources and useful contacts

To stay up to date on immunisation news, resources and education events:

For more information on Healthy North Coast Immunisation projects, contact:

Melissa Hobbs

Senior Manager Population Health

0428 196 780

02 5646 2317‬

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